Our Market Positioning

img Our exporting markets mainly consist of USA, UK, German, France, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Japan, Australia and Middle East countries. Over 56 years of experience in the business gives us the capability to provide a superior service to our much valued customers who have been with us for well over to 15 to 25 years.

Our Philosophy

  • 1 - To achieve superior quality products through total quality management.
  • 2 - To build open and long lasting business relationship with our customers.
  • 3 - To motivate all categories of employees to achieve the goals set by the company.
  • 4 - To continue to train and improve the skills of our work force and to treat them with dignity and respect at all times so as to keep them contented.
  • 5 - To constantly strive to encourage team work and be involved in participative management to improve products and processes.


img To continue to be the leader in the Ornamental fish export industry.


img To enhance shareholder wealth, by offering highest quality live product to our buyers. Further to provide employment to people in rural areas & also to increase productivity of the work force & provide training in order to improve their knowledge, Skills & to optimize the use of available resources.