Lumbini has been participating in international competitions and has the distinction of winning the Grand Champion award for Guppies in two successive years at the world renowned Aquarama Fish Competition.

In 2003 we carried away 6 prestigious awards for the Guppy category alone. We have now developed 54 new established color variations of Guppies.

The untiring efforts of the company have been rewarded by

  • Grand Guppy Champion - Aquarama 1995
  • Grand Guppy Champion - Aquarama 1997
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Gold Award - North Western Province 1997
  • Arch of Europe 2001 - for Productivity and Quality
  • 08 Awards at Aquarama 2003 – in Singapore – This has been acclaimed as a world record where a single company has won the highest number of awards at any Aquarama Fish Competition since its inception in 1989.
  • 03 Awards at Aquarama 2005- in Singapore
  • 2nd Prize Guppy Category -Aquarama 2007
  • At the Shramabhimanee National Annual Awards ceremony the Director/CEO of our company was the recipient of the National Award for the Ornamental fish export category in 2011.
  • Director/CEO received the Prime Ministers award for the Ornamental fish export category in 2011.