Fresh Water Fish


Lumbini Aquaria specializes in forty different varieties of guppies which are currently under commercial production along with another fourteen species which have been recently established.

In addition to our extensive collection of Guppies, we produce several varieties of swordtails, platies along with Mollies, Angels, Barbs, Tetras, Gourami, Rainbows, Danios, Oscars, Discus and Bettas.

Lumbini has always been a friend of nature and our ambitious in house endangered fish breeding project provides us with fish bred in captivity for the export market

Marine Fish & Invertebrates


Lumbini carries a comprehensive variety of marine fish and invertebrates all throughout the year.

All marine fish and invertebrates are hand picked by experienced collectors around the island. We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not use any type of "poison" to collect our fish. Our modern sea water marine holding facility consists of filtering systems that ensure our fish stay healthy at all times. The over 10,000 liter marine facility functions as a quarantine facility where we house our marines and invertebrates before exports.

Brackish Water Fish


We collect our brackish water fish from the lagoons of Sri Lanka for export.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants

We also offer our customers a vide variety of aquatic plants which are propagated and grown in plant nurseries for the export market.